A new way to Plan and Manage Money

Achieve your financial goals with the best Digital Banking App.

Plan & Manage Money for the Important things in your Life

Set Your Savings Goals

We all have important financial goals we hope to achieve. Tembo lets you set specific savings goals, and helps you to gradually save money to achieve them.

Watch you Progress

Get important realtime notifications so you are always on top of your finances. See your progress on your savings goals, and get rewarded for your consistence.

Earn Awesome Returns

Your money is held in a regulated high yield account that earns you awesome returns. Our goal is to keep your money safe, and make sure it grows to help you reach you goals.

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Easy Actions to Manage & grow your Finances

Create Multiple Savings Goals

You can create multiple savings goals for the important things you want to achieve.

Add Payment Methods

You can add money to your Savings Goals using any Mobile Money account, Or a Debit Card.

Heed the notifications

We will send you reminders about your account to help you stay on top of your finances.

Invest in Money Market Funds

You can achieve you financial goals by investing in Money market Funds.

Automate Deposit

Automate payments into your savings goals so you never miss a deposit to your goals.


*Coming Soon* You will be able to borrow emergency funds against your deposits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tembo has entered into a partnership with a bank that holds and keeps your money safe. When you sign up to start using Tembo, We create a bank account in your name, and this is where your money will be deposited. This service, as well as our bank partner is regulated by the Central Bank, so keeping your money via our App is just as safe as keeping your money at any bank.

Yes, Tembo has entered into a partnership with a bank that holds and keeps your money safe. When you sign up to start using Tembo, We create a bank account in your name, and this is where your money will be deposited.Tembo has entered into an agreement that enables your account to earn interest. Within the Tembo App you will be able to see how much interest you have earned on your balance.

Our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals. We believe that managing money with discipline is crucial for one to achieve financial growth, so we enable you to set specific goals for the things you aim achieve. Within the Tembo App you can create savings goals very easily.

You can add money to your Tembo account by making deposits towards your specific savings goals. Tembo allows you to pay money into your savings goals by using Mobile Money, as well as Visa/Mastercard cards. On your goal in the Tembo App, simply go to "deposit" and then enter the amount you want to add. Also, when you set your goals, you can set a deposit plan and money can be added to your goal periodically according to your settings.

When you start using the Tembo App, we open a bank account for you with our bank partner so that we can keep your money safe. So we need to get all the necessary information required to open your bank account. All the information we ask is required by the government and the central bank for anyone to open a bank account, this also involves your identity document and your photo. This information is also important as it makes sure that you or your next of kin can always access your money in case you dont have access to the app for one reason or another.

All the information submitted on the platform is used sorely for the purpose of delivering the service to you. Your information is encryprited and stored under the stringest privacy and security measures. All our partners are regulated by the government and governed by law with clear privacy and protection of information policies.

We do not store your Mobile Money PIN or passwords, and We do not store your card information as we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor to handle all our customers’ card details. The PCIDSS is a standard guide, globally, that all reputable payment processors must adhere to.


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